Lucerne – The City – The Lake – The Mountains, Random clicks by Neerja

Lucerne or Luzern is the first and the smallest city in central switzerland. It is also the most populas city with a population of 80,501. It is located on the shore of shore of Lake Lucerne with an impressive mountain backdrop.

Lucerne has loads of town squares and churches. Famous places are Chapel Bridge, Water Tower are the Musegg Wall, the Jesuit Church, the Mill Bridge, the Lion Monument, the KKL culture and convention centre.

If you are at Lucerne, go for different cruises and mountain excursions.

Here are the recent contributions by my friend Neerja Bharat. She has got these clicks from Lucerne, Switzerland. Use them on your social posts, blogs or website wherever you want to.







image1  IMG_1992


If you think you have a beautiful picture for this collection that you allow the rest of world to use in their websites, brochures, designs, banners for FREE then you can contribute the pictures, we will include them on this page. To contribute a picture you can simply upload your images on WeTransfer and send your images on my email –


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